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A funeral is as unique as the individual we are remembering. What is a typical funeral? It depends on the choices that are made. There are two types of endings for funeral services; burial/entombment and cremation. The rest of the service depends on the options chosen by loved ones. Our staff will discuss the many options available for a family at-need or for someone wishing to plan ahead by making pre-arrangements. Click on the tabs above to learn more about your options.


Cremation??  The answer is YES! and YES!

Yes, we offer cremation and Yes, we own and operate our crematory.  With the new ownership of a crematory, Douglas Penning and Carrie McGhee have completed the training to become a Certified Crematory Operator (CCO), a designation from the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA).  The NFDA Certified Crematory Operator Program is a voluntary certification program that helps funeral directors better serve the needs of families that desire cremation.  Our crematory is only operated by licensed morticians/funeral directors that have completed the CCO training.  If you would like more information to arrange your cremation and memorial service, or even a tour of our crematory, simply contact us at 507-452-3624 and we will help.


Body Donation, The New Green Funeral.

On Thursday, April 23, 2015, Funeral Director Carrie McGhee participated in Ignite 8 Minneapolis. Ignite is a national organization that sponsors evenings of five minute presentations chosen by topic. Ignites motto is "Educate us but be brief." Carrie was chosen out of hundreds of applicants to speak. Her topic was Body Donation, The New Green Funeral. View Carrie's entire presentation at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Rzs3NYNrm8&index=14&list=PLshjD3mEDALs3J3ulXK8Dldh2fIzYO13Y

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